Meetings set to last ~1.5 hours
0-10 minutes after announced “Start Time”:
  • Introductions and small talk as people are arriving
  • Note: You may have people arrive ~30 minutes prior to volunteer, help set-up, and build rapport – these may end up being your biggest allies in promoting such Events. Think of them as Greeters and Ushers :)

10-15: Person by person formal introductions, Each person states their:
  • Name
  • Where they are from
  • How they first heard of / became involved Bitcoin (or crypto)
  • Interests they’d like to pursue in the Crypto world.
NOTE: Do you encourage “virtual attendance?” (ie., Skype/ Hang-Outs, etc.)

15-45: Presentation
  • Potential speakers (specialists in their field? In new business? – eliminate any MLM promoters IMMEDIATELY for obvious reasons – better yet, DEBATE THEM!)
  • Education
    • General Overview
    • Mining
    • Trading
    • Security
    • Others...
  • Individual presentation from a member on a project
  • Global Bitcoin News
  • Local Bitcoin News
  • Cool Bitcoin websites:

Open floor dialogue
  • Members continue to speak of meetup topics as a whole
  • Q&A
  • Members speak in smaller groups & individually
  • Leaders help new members get set up with a Bitcoin wallet and other first timer events

Note: You control the TimeLine and Rules. This is just a “Template.” An “End Time” can either be a “mandate” (for the facility), or a “suggestion.” You are free to establish whatever rules or guidelines you believe are appropriate for the attendees.