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    New Track Uploaded!
  • The new track, I am the Cure, is out in my shop to buy. It is a dancey sexy song. You will like it. Try it out.
  • -Romasquo
    New Tour planned!
  • I am going around Ghana starting in August for the Number One World Rapper Tour! Dates are added on my page.
  • -Romasquo

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    Heart Land
  • I love my home and the great people! Forever love.
  • -Romasquo

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    Number One World Rapper Tour
  • -Romasquo
  • Block Party in Freetown
    Add Images
  • -Romasquo
  • And Video to the Form

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    Na True Live by -
  • Performing Na true live in Port Loko!

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The mission of the New Africa Radio Network is to connect hosts and artists living in Africa with a platform on which to promote their music and content. The secondary mission is facilitate, through education, economic transparency and market fluidity for all Africans through the widespread adoption, and implementation of a mindset of Liberty, Entrepreneurship, and Cryptocurrencies.

It's Andreas Interviews all day. All aspects of Bitcoin are covered throughout the day. Education is Key.

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All day with one of the worlds most informative Bitcoin promoters; Listen to the Author of Mastering Bitcoin discuss an array of bitcoin topics through multiple interviews recorded throughout history.

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8/1/19 5:00pm

Number One World Rapper Tour by Romasquo

Block Party in Freetown

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8/10/19 5:00PM

Add Images by Romasquo

And Video to the Form

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